Spanish schools in Nicaragua


Lago Azul Spanish School, is one of the best option to learn spanish in Nicaragua, located right on San juan del Sur beach  with a spectacular view to the ocean, you will have the opportunity to learn Spanish enjoying this beautiful countryside.

There are many Spanish Schools in Nicaragua, but just few right on the beach, Lago Azul Spanish School has the privilege to be located in one of the most beautiful beaches in Nicaragua.  Lago Azul Spanish School   not only has one of the best location compared with other Nicaragua Spanish Schools, but also has one of the most dynamic and experienced group of local teachers that teach you with so much enthusiasm that make of your staying an exciting Spanish learning experience.

If you are planning to learn Spanish abroad at reasonable prices and you want to choose one of the Nicaragua Spanish Schools, Lago Azul Spanish School is your best option, you will have the chance to learn Spanish while absorbing the culture and history of Nicaragua.

Learn spanish and have a good experience living with a local family, you will practice all you learned with your teacher, that is why we recomend to stay with a family while learning spanish,  other thing that i pretty shure  you will anjoy is the afternoon activities during the , wherw you will be able haw to dance sala and merengue rhythm, in the dancing classes or how to cook a nicaraguan food in the cooking class or visit the different beaches north and south of San Juan del Sur.

in Lago Azul Spanish School we try to do the best teaching you the spanish language in order to be one of the best spanish schools in Nicaragua

Give us the opportunity to have you as a student and you will have the opportunity to learn Spanish having a great Spanish learning experience with our locals experienced teachers.


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