Easiest Way To Learn Spanish

The easiest way to learn Spanish is to immerse yourself in the culture and live with native speakers. Another factor that can make learning Spanish easier is to take one on one classes that will show you the grammar and structure of the language. A Spanish class allow you to see the correlations between words in Spanish and words in your native tongue, but it will not help you with pronunciations or the fine details that can only be acquire from living with native Spanish speakers. The set up that has been the easiest for our students is to take classes in the morning and in the afternoon the students would spend time with their host family practicing the Spanish they learned.  This has greatly speed up the time it takes for our students to master conversational Spanish and improve their Spanish vocabulary compare to students who only take the classes.

Spanish classes that only use Spanish may seem difficult at first, but it is easier for the students as they progress through their Spanish course as they are able to pick up on the language faster and they are able to remember more than a bi-lingual Spanish class.  We prefer the all Spanish approach to classroom teaching but we also use a few English words to help the students make connections between certain Spanish words and their English counterparts. This method seem to greatly improve the students abilities to retain Spanish words.  The Spanish only way of teaching also allow students to learn certain aspect of Spanish that is not found in English. For first time students of this method, this way seem very difficult at first but as they learn more and more their abilities to recall naturally help them learn new Spanish words and rules quicker than if they were taught in English and Spanish.

Home-stay program (host family) allow you to live with a local Spanish speaking family that will interact with you daily in Spanish and you will be able to pick up on the various nuances of the language as well as how it is use locally compare to other Spanish around the world. This is a form of instant immersion Spanish that provide the fastest way for a student to learn and practice their Spanish. Since you will be in continuous contact with so many  native Spanish speaker, this will help you memorize the vocabulary, concepts, and phrases without too much effort.  This provide a huge motivational boosts as you can track your progress by how well you can carry on a conversation with the people around you in Spanish. The same way a child would learn his or her first language. The best aspect of a home-stay program is that it allow you to see how a language defines a people and how it impact every aspect of their lives.

In conclusion, the easiest way to learn Spanish is a mixture of instant immersion Spanish and one on one classes taught almost exclusively in Spanish.  We found that this method works extremely well for our students.