Looking for the best Spanish School in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua?
Or are you perhaps looking for possibly the best beachside Spanish School in all of Central America?

Look no further than Lago Azul Spanish School, right on the beach at the Southern end of San Juan del Sur.

Why Spanish School?

Let’s face it. Hanging out drinking beer and Pina Coladas by the beach is really easy and really fun, and San Juan del Sur has a reputation for being one of the best places on earth to do it—with some of the world’s cheapest beachside drinks and a gorgeous, safe, setting right on a tranquil bay on the Pacific Coast.

Check out the amazing beach, town, and surrounding areas in the video below. Our school is right on the beach on the side of the bay opposite the Cristo statue:

But if you want more than leisure, if you want to connect with people who have a very different culture than your own, and if you want to learn and grow as a person—consider spending a week or more in Spanish school. It will make for a very rewarding trip that you will always remember. Whether for a week, a month, or a year—anyone who has ever done it will agree that it’s a much deeper, more meaningful, and more memorable way to travel. It’s also very inexpensive and a wonderful way to support local culture and local people.

Why Lago Azul?

Like most Spanish schools in Central and South America, Lago Azul offers a premium quality one-on-one student to teacher experience. Research has shown that this method of language learning is unparalleled. You’ll progress as much in a week or two as you would have with an entire semester of traditional Spanish classes. You’ll also be supporting and developing a close bond with a Nicaraguan teacher and possibly an entire family of locals if you choose an immersive homestay as part of your experience.
Our Class Schedule

Classes are taught in our beachside cabana-style restaurant, typically from 8am to noon, Monday through Friday. That’s right, your classes will be held ON THE BEACH with a cool ocean breeze and gorgeous view of the bay from your table. We recommend a customized one-on-one teacher to student learning experience, although couples and small groups at a similar level of Spanish often choose to take classes together. Our teachers are flexible, and we can offer more or fewer hours based on your preferences, afternoon classes, weekend classes, and more.

Our Homestay Program

Homestay is completely optional. If a homestay is not right for you, you will find an abundance of hotels, hostels, home rentals, and more within a short walk of the school for as little as $8 per night. However, we strongly recommend a homestay for the cultural experience, and to expedite your progress as a Spanish speaker. With our homestays, you will live and eat three meals per day with a Nicaraguan family, usually in your own, detached living area with private entry.

Unique Cultural and Outdoor Activities

There are a variety of activities that our students love that are just a short distance from San Juan del Sur. Activities are usually scheduled from 1-5pm from Tuesday through Thursday. Students are picked up and dropped off right at the school. Popular activities include:

-World class surfing at nearby beaches
-Dance classes
-Cooking classes
-Zipline tours
-Hiking at Masaya Volcano National Park
-Day tour of Ometepe Island

And while an immersive Spanish experience is certainly ideal for progressing in the language, there are plenty of opportunities to take a break and enjoy San Juan del Sur’s world-renowned bars and party scene. The enjoyable atmosphere and abundance of great Western restaurants and bars make Lago Azul’s Spanish learning experience much more relaxing and enjoyable. Our school is perfect for those who are intimidated by the thought of being completely culturally isolated during their Spanish language learning. Language learning is hard work! Go easy on yourself and enjoy both sides of this very unique area. Make no mistake though, San Juan del Sur is NOT just a tourist town. It’s a town composed mostly of locals, and it’s very suitable for Spanish learning. There are also plenty of great bars and restaurants frequented mostly by Nicaraguan tourists if you’d like to steer clear of Westerners altogether. San Juan del Sur is truly whatever you want it to be on any given day, which is one of the things that makes it so special.

About San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur is a rapidly-changing beach town located on a small strip of land between the enormous Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean—just a short distance from Costa Rica’s Northern border. It’s a serene setting that’s still predominantly inhabited by local Nicaraguans, but it attracts an eclectic blend of “backpacker” type foreign tourists, surfers, expats, and more that makes it an interesting, down-to-earth town that’s hard not to fall in love with. It’s also located very close to other popular destinations including the historic colonial town of Granada, Ometepe Island—a gorgeous island formed by two volcanoes in the middle of Lake Nicaragua—and Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. Like most of Nicaragua, it boasts a very low crime rate in comparison to other Central American countries, and is a much safer place to study Spanish than other popular language-learning destinations such as Guatemala, Mexico, and Colombia.

Transportation to School

If you’re already in San Juan del Sur, we’re easy to find. We’re the last beachfront restaurant on the Southern end of town. It’s a dark blue building (Lago Azul means “blue lake” in Spanish), and our Spanish office is just to the left of the main entrance to the restaurant.

If you’re traveling into Managua International Airport, we’ll be there in our very own Lago Azul shuttle to pick you up any time of day or night and escort you safely right to our door in 2-3 hours depending on traffic. This service currently runs $90 + $10 per additional passenger. Simply let us know your arrival time and we’ll be there waiting for you just outside of customs.

Our Prices

Our prices are always flexible and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Regardless of how many hours you choose to study, or whether or not you choose homestay or activities as part of your language learning, you’ll find our prices to be among the lowest of any one-on-one Spanish learning program in the world. We’re less expensive than other Spanish schools—not because we offer a lower-quality program in a lower-quality setting (quite the contrary!)—but because our Spanish school is a popular mid to upper scale restaurant by night (that caters mostly to Nicaraguan tourists), which offsets many of our costs. Take a look at the price chart below to see the rates on our most popular courses of study and accommodation. As mentioned earlier, we can customize our program to suit anyone’s needs…


All Inclusive Week (Classes, Homestay and Activities For One Person)

Period Price
1 Week $250.00
Classes and Homestay $230.00
Classes and Activities only $160.00
-Wireless internet access & coffee  provided free to students FREE

Other Program Options

Service Cost
Classes and Home-stay only $230.00/week
Classes and activities only $160/week
Classes only $130/week
Homestay Only $100/week
Classes by the hour $10.00/hour
Classes by the hour at your place for one or two students $15.00/hour
Group classes (2-3 people) $90 a week/per person
Classes and home-stay for 7 days (1 teacher for 2 students ) $390/wk
Airport Pick Up - $90 per person
- $10 per additional passenger





Ready to join us at Lago Azul or have any questions? We’re here to meet your needs whether it’s for days, weeks, or months. Let us know what you want and/or what questions you have, and we’ll make sure you get what you need. Simply fill out our registration form below and we’ll be in touch, typically within one business day!